Tuesday, April 9, 2013

hacking with the best keylogger ever istealer 6.3 video tut

Today we ll talk about the best way ever to get not only accounts passwords, but also to hack websites.
keylogger hack

So our tutorial is about getting passwords using keylogger
more details in the video below

to download the program + PHP logger + Icon Pack

just last thing u have to disable your antivirus because the program will be detected as a virus and that's normal because we are creating a virus using that program

in the next tutorial we ll make the server undetectable by 95% of antiviruses
click here to discover it
if you want to hide your server in a fake program don't search away i already made a tutorial about that from here
and if you want to chage your server icon i also made a tutorials about that

have fun.


  1. when i finally finish with the creation of the site and build the virus when i double click no logs are found in my website...whats wrong???

  2. hi when i run the programe to creat the server , an error message is showen pliz i need a soloution

  3. Replies
    1. @Ala eddine mrebai: bro i followed ur tutorial as it is but i still i cant see any logs plz tell me wat could be wrong?

  4. i built the server and clicked it myself to check if its working or not . After clicking i logged in to few websites and then checked the log page .
    I did not receive any logs, what do i do now ?

  5. I download the programm with the mediafire link given but I don't have Istealer ... WTF?

  6. Can yon tell me why?


  7. not working !!! I did exactly as in video step by step,but the site is written : ''iStealer 6.1 Legends -'' means that all data goes to ''tbtutorials'' exactly to you...Please delete all information that come in...dont't download !!! is redirected to : ''tbtutorials'' !!! .why did you do that TBYA tutorial???

  8. Keylogger
    The best keylogger for Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit)


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