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No doubt that everyone want to learn how to hack. But unfortunately most of tutorials on the internet are actually fake and full of spywares. So no wonder that you will not succeed in learning how to hack .Anyway, In this blog you ll find a totally easy and safe hacking tutorials based on my little experience

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Nothing is as much important as you privacy especially when we talk about online protection because you have to keep your email, files, accounts,computer ... safe in a world full of hackers. So in security and protection Section i ll give you some ideas to keep your informations safe

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All the Tutorials will be broadcasted and uploaded to my youtube channel with my comment to make all the tutorials clear and to talk about every detail.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

download any book from amazon for free

you can find the website to download the books from here .

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Free,Fast and unlimited VPN

free VPN
you can use your VPN to change your IP and to open forbidden websites and protect you computer from hackers

download link
VPN Gate

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to protect your images on windows with a password

our images is one of the most sensitive things in our computers and therefore the last thing we want is letting an obtrusive or a hacker steal or have access to our images Especially if you are using a laptop because we are taking it with us everywhere which may expose the privacy of your photos.

protect your images on windows with a password

And to face all there security threats i explain to you haw to protect your images with a great program Photocrypt Which works to protect the images by encrypting it and with a password which increase the security level even for advanced hackers and all this for free 

click here

Sunday, April 21, 2013

protect your eyes from computer rays

protect eyes from computer rays

Have you seen A lamp in your home for 4 hours straight? It is the same thing when you see a computer screen with a high rays, you pass a long time and your eyes absorb the X-Ray screen strong, which over time may cause you damage, especially the eye because it's one of the most sensitive members  in the human body, I do not think there is a ready to complete his life without the gift of sight, so if you are addicted to the computer it is better for taking precautions, if in order to keep your eyes and thus continuity in the use of the computer for other years. For this purpose in today's episode I will address it with you to explain F.lux program, which Samay adjust Radiology Computer on an ongoing basis throughout the day and is automatic in order to comply with eyes so you will not exhausted the whole day

So,the links that you need are

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

encrypt any server in 2 minutes and make it undetected by 95% of antivirus 2013

Hello and welcome in an other exclusive tutorial tutorial
encrypt server 2013

today we ll encrypt our server that we created in the last tutorial
(view part1 here)
and this method is useful to encrypt any server
watch the tutorial for more details

to download all the programs

hacking with the best keylogger ever istealer 6.3 video tut

Today we ll talk about the best way ever to get not only accounts passwords, but also to hack websites.
keylogger hack

So our tutorial is about getting passwords using keylogger
more details in the video below

to download the program + PHP logger + Icon Pack

just last thing u have to disable your antivirus because the program will be detected as a virus and that's normal because we are creating a virus using that program

in the next tutorial we ll make the server undetectable by 95% of antiviruses
click here to discover it
if you want to hide your server in a fake program don't search away i already made a tutorial about that from here
and if you want to chage your server icon i also made a tutorials about that

have fun.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Get any account password with tabnabbing phishing

Finally the complete tutorial about tabnabbing phishing is ready after a saccessfull tutorials about
tabnabbing phishing
now you can get any account password (facebook-email-paypall...)
tabnabbing phishing is redirecting a victim from a page to an other
sure you ll think that it's not gonna work
well there is some tricks included in the video to make sure
that the victim will not suspect anything
i used a game script  for the fake page
after some minutes of playing
the website will require the victim to enter his email and his password
once he does you l get them
The Video

Download the fake page from here

fake page

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