Sunday, April 21, 2013

protect your eyes from computer rays

protect eyes from computer rays

Have you seen A lamp in your home for 4 hours straight? It is the same thing when you see a computer screen with a high rays, you pass a long time and your eyes absorb the X-Ray screen strong, which over time may cause you damage, especially the eye because it's one of the most sensitive members  in the human body, I do not think there is a ready to complete his life without the gift of sight, so if you are addicted to the computer it is better for taking precautions, if in order to keep your eyes and thus continuity in the use of the computer for other years. For this purpose in today's episode I will address it with you to explain F.lux program, which Samay adjust Radiology Computer on an ongoing basis throughout the day and is automatic in order to comply with eyes so you will not exhausted the whole day

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